Parenting comes with extraordinary highs and
bucket-loads of love doesn’t it?

All we want is for our kids to be happy and successful in life.

But….. sometimes, even when they have everything they could need and want they just can’t seem to get happy or stay happy. You ask yourself ‘what am I doing wrong?’, ‘how can I get them to see the brighter side of life?’ and ‘how can I show them that they won’t die if they try something new?’

Well for one, you are not doing anything wrong my friend. You are doing everything you can to give your kids everything in life – but the truth is, you can’t GIVE your children confidence, resilience or the grit they need to manage life’s ups and downs. 

BUT you can TEACH them how to develop these qualities in themselves – through understanding how their mind works and how they can use this understanding to stand in their power by shifting their thinking to the positive.


Struggling to get your child to see the bright side of life 

TO them being able to recognise when negative nancy is stealing their happiness and then being able to switch to powerful thinking patterns where they stand in their power and see the glass half full so they can enjoy life! 

Losing your mind and feeling out of control 

TO understanding what sets you off and then using the strategies you learn to empower your child to understand themselves and shift how they see the world too. 

Feeling at your wits end every time you suggest your child tries something new which instantly get’s a ‘No’ because they don’t want to make a mistake or look silly in front of others 

TO seeing your child being open to trying new things and growing their confidence and self esteem. 

Living on eggshells at home, not wanting to trigger a meltdown 

TO becoming an empowered family who creates their own happiness through positive connection 

Feeling helpless, not knowing how to help your child stop thinking they are ‘stupid’ or how to build their confidence and resilience

TO seeing your child pick themselves up, dust themselves off and enjoy the learning that comes with making mistakes 

Being emotionally exhausted from working so hard to keep the peace 

TO having the time and space to take care of yourself in a peaceful home.

Benefits you will see

Being able to recognise their own inner critic and what triggers their inner critic

Responding with self compassion

Understanding what a growth mindset and fixed mindset is and being able to recognise it in themselves and their children

Understand what it is to be emotionally agile and how to help kids become more emotionally agile and better able to regulate emotions

Understand the mental load and real self care strategies to look after the mumma

Move away from self criticism, guilt and comparison and towards self compassion

Move away from judgment and expectation of self and kids and start empowering self and kids.

Our raising warrior kids e-course is here!

A 6 module transformational parenting journey that will take you and your kids from living in negativeville to cruising down happy street, where confidence, resilience and conquering fears are how your family rolls.

Listen and learn at your own pace in my DIY e-course which will take you on a personal journey where you and your family can start to make the positive changes you desire. 

This e-course brings coaching, psychology and positive parenting theory together in one place – there is no other course offered like this in Australia……

One to one Coaching

If you want your child to have one to one coaching Fiona also offers packages that deal with one specific issue your child may be facing. For example, building resilience, facing fears, managing change, boosting self confidence, to name a few. Fiona can also tailor personalised packages unique to your child.

All Fiona’s packages include story-based coaching where mindset concepts are introduced through stories. Your child will meet two very wise mentors Maya and Marvin who help a bunch of friends, Milly, Kenny, Riley and Sunny as they adventure through life and face the ups and downs of change, failure, making mistakes, peer pressure, bullying and learn skills in growth mindset, integrity honesty, respect and self respect.

My happy parents

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