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How to help kids turn worry around

by RaisingWarriorKids

Do you have a kid that worries a LOT?  It can be stressful as a parent to have to pre-empt our children’s worries. We always want to prevent them from happening at all. But some kids are natural worriers – they are usually highly sensitive to their environment and highly intuitive. Which isn’t a bad thing, but it can get in the way of them getting on with things right?

So there are lots of ways we can help our kids turn their worries around and build their confidence. I’ll talk about some here.

  1. Help your child find a phrase or word that can help anchor them back out of their worry. This might sound like “I am safe”, “I am confident”, “I am capable”, any kind of affirmation that will take them out of their ‘worry brain’ back into a supportive mindset. Get them to say it as many times as it takes for them to feel calm and ok again.
  2. If they are worried about the unknown or trying something new, get them to think about a time they did this before. For example, that time they started at ballet class or a new football club. Get them to visualise a picture in their heads of what that was like, how they felt and how they felt when it was over. This is getting them to remember a time their worries went away, its proof.
  3. Keep things simple, take one step at a time and get your child to focus on the here and now.
  4. Get you child to ask themselves if their worry is real? Is it true? One thing we know for sure is that our thoughts are just thoughts, they are not always true, especially when they are not helpful and supportive.
  5. Accept that worries are normal, especially when we fear the unknown and let your child know that its ok to worry, but its not ok to let it stop us from living our lives.

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