Are your kids struggling with self-confidence and resilience? Do you want to help them build a healthy mindset?

Are your kids struggling with self-confidence and resilience? Do you want to help them build a healthy mindset?

we love growth mindset

Here at Raising Warrior Kids we are passionate about Growth Mindset and building our emotional agility. Concepts developed by psychology professor Dr Carol Dweck and Dr Susan David.

We want to help kids understand their mindset and emotions so when things go wrong they can get back up, accept all their feelings and keep moving forward.

We believe effort trumps outcomes, mistakes are key to growing our brain and failure is how we learn and grow. We are on a journey to help kids build resilience, confidence and manage the ups and downs of life, so they don’t need years of therapy in adulthood.

It’s a big ambition, but one we have the research and science to back us up.

Ways we can help

Our mission is to provide services and resources to fit in with your family’s life.


Our mindset kits for parents and kids will take you both on an important journey into your mindset. How you perceive the world around you, what you think and believe, is your mindset and the first step to ensuring it’s a healthy, growth mindset is to understand yourself.

Our mindset kits start you off on this journey of self-discovery.

In the kids kits they will meet two mentors and four kids who are on a mindset journey of their own. They will share their stories about the ups and downs of life and get real practical tips and strategies from the mindset mentors Maya and Marvin.

parents growth mindset DIY e-course & mastermind

Fiona is a passionate coach and offers one to one services for parents in a mastermind course that can be done over 12 weeks and includes the e-course plus personal coaching around mindset, parenting and kids coaching.

The E-course is for time-poor parents who want the content and want to do it in their own time, at their own pace. 

This course has six modules and lots of bonuses for kids and parents to understand everything you need to know about growth mindset, emotional agility and how to build these skills in your family.

kids & teens life coaching

Fiona offers one to one and group coaching for kids on loads of topics including; 

– growth mindset, 

– mindset shifts, 

– building resilience, 

– self-confidence and self-esteem,

 – managing fears, 

– managing change, 

– coping with bullies, 

–  integrity,

– how to cope when things do go their way 

and much more. The sessions are story based and online.

For teens, Fiona can help with managing anxiety, stress, fear of failure, setting goals, career coaching and mindset.

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Hi I'm fiona,

I’m a kids, women’s and parents life coach and social worker /counsellor with a very special interest in growth mindset and building emotional agility.

I’ve been working with kids and families for over twenty years now both here and in the UK. My mission is to help kids and parents understand their mindset and how they can build a healthy mindset to get through most of life’s ups and downs.

Being positive is great but it’s also not realistic all of the time, so we need our kids to know how to manage their thoughts and feelings when they are not feeling positive. We need to let them feel the crappy feelings and know its ok. We also need to show them how to get unhooked and move through those feelings so they can move forward.

I’m here to share what I know about mindset. What I know kids need from us as adults and parents and the tips and strategies they can use for the rest of their lives.

I am passionate about supporting kids through life’s ups and downs and giving them the tools they need. I am here to support you and your child through any hurdle they may be facing right now.

Empowering you and your kids to live your best lives., 

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